Meredith Foster Had The Best Response To Fans Who Claim She's "Anorexic"

14 July 2017, 11:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Meredith Foster

By Josh Lee

“Before you write out a mean comment, just think to yourself: would I want someone to say this about me?"

For Meredith Foster eating disorder accusations have become a regular part of social media life over the past few week.

Fans have left several comments on the YouTuber's Instagram page describing her as "anorexic", "sickly" and "too skinny," leading Meredith to plea with fans to think before they make accusations without any evidence in a recently shared YouTube video.

Here are just a few examples of comments fans have left on Meredith's Instagram page




“I wanted to address something that’s been talked about all over my Youtube video comments and my Instagram comments,” she says in the video, which was uploaded on 12th June.

“And that is my weight, how I look, my appearance.”

“Before you write out a mean comment, just think to yourself: would I want someone to say this about me? It just makes me sad that people will go out of there way… to write a mean or negative comment. You have one life on this Earth and you’re spending it putting other people down,” she says.

The comments were sparked by Meredith's small frame, which she also addresses in the video.

She says: “A lot of people in the comments say that I look sickly which is not okay to say to anybody,” she says, “I would like to point out the fact that I have had these purple under eye circles since I was born. It’s hereditary. I am very pale. My skin is very transparent and so you can see all the blood vessels. I’ve been insecure about this.”

Then, Meredith offered some words of wisdom to those sending her negative comments and people who might be feeling bad about themselves.

“Looks... don’t matter. What’s most important is feeling good inside and you are the only person who knows how you feel inside. Nobody else can tell you how you feel inside. So whatever you do to feel good, whether it's working out, whether it's sitting on the couch watching Netflix, eating chips... whatever it is that makes you feel good, that's what you should keep doing. Don't put people down for doing the things that feel good.

Meredith has recently been exercising more regularly, which has most likely influenced her weight loss. Despite some fans believing she's taken things too far, Meredith insists that she is "150% confident and content" with herself.

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