Michael Buckley Cancels The 'What The Buck Show' After 10 Years

6 July 2016, 09:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is breaking my nostalgic lil' heart.

We come to you on this very sad day to announce that Michael Buckley, one of the most beloved and long-serving YouTubers on the planet, has cancelled his signature show, What The Buck. After 10 years and hundreds of episodes, Michael has decided to end the hugely successful pop culture and celebrity gossip series after realising that "YouTube has changed, I have changed and my audience is growing up and out of me".

As a 41-year-old man, Michael admits to "struggling with change" and recognising that the WTB formula just doesn't work on YouTube in 2016 thanks to the unfathomable success of Twitter and the rise of celebrity fandoms. To put it simply, his amazing work to source and present pop culture news just isn't necessary anymore as we do it all ourselves on social media. And so, precisely 10 years and two months after he started his YouTube career, we wave goodbye to the What The Buck Show... but not Michael Buckley himself!

With a fancy Excel document and a brand new scheduling line-up, hardcore BuckHollywood fans can still expect regular content to roll out across his channels, including his famed Love, Buck advice series. Even though the WTB "jig is kinda up", Michael reminds us why he was so successful back on YouTube in the mid 2000s; "I was a top 10 YouTubers from 2007 until around 2012. I was one of the first YouTubers to make a living off the site and I take great pride in that. But pop culture has changed a lot... I invite you to my fresh start".

A string of support has come in for the YouTuber from the likes of Kingsley and Franchesca Ramsey after admiting that the WTB series wasn't making him happy anymore and that it was time to move on. In fact, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility that these YouTubers were inspired by Michael back in day before starting their own channels. One of his most popular videos, as seen below, features Justin Bieber kissing his girlfriend back in 2010 which received over 15 million views.

Thankfully not all YouTubers are dropping their signature shows. So as we wave farewell to one of the most nostalgic and long-term shows to have ever graced YouTube, it's time to see what everyone else has been up to this week. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get our weekly news roundup, SLAY or NAY, sent straight into subscription box because let's be honest, you guys are thirsty for the news.