Minecrafters Just Sent 24,000 Bomb Threats To Schools... Because Of A Feud

19 March 2018, 17:44 | Updated: 19 March 2018, 17:46

Minecraft bomb threat
Minecraft. Picture: Twitter // Minecraft

By Josh Lee

This is taking things far too far.

Children across the UK were evacuated today after up to 24,000 threatening emails, many of which contained bomb threats, were sent to hundreds schools and colleges.

According to Sky News, the threatening emails were sent as part of an ongoing feud between rival Minecraft players, and were designed to appear as though they were sent by a Minecraft gaming network called VeltPVP.

What is VeltPVP?

VeltPVP is a player-verses-player server that sells in-game items and upgrades to players.

Why were the Minecrafters feuding?

According to Sky News, players involved in the feud that lead to the hoax bomb threats have claimed that the people who operate VeltPVP had been "harassing each other." The hoaxes were sent to try and get the server banned from Minecraft.

Speaking to Sky News, someone involved in the hoax said the result of their actions "is horrible," and understands that he will likely be arrested.

Detective Superintendent Tony Cockerill of Humberside Police said, "We have spoken to all schools who have contacted us, reassured them that there is no need to evacuate and offered them security advice."

Velt denied any wrongdoing, with chief executive Carson Kallen telling sky news, "I hope the person responsible [for the hoaxes] gets caught."

In a statement, VeltPVP said, "We've been being harassed by a group of cybercriminals that are trying to harass us in any way possible."We're extremely sorry for anyone who had to deal with this, but just know it's fake."