Celebrities And YouTubers Won't Stop Pranking Each Other And It's LOL

18 November 2015, 13:01 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

When it comes to pranking, no one does it better than YouTubers. But what happens when celebrities decide to get their revenge?

YouTube was created for prank videos, right? If you're not watching kitten videos, then I can guarantee you're watching someone get pranked. But what happens when you throw Celebrities into the mix? Amazing things, that's what.

Following on from the HILARIOUS J-Law vs Smosh prank from this week, we've all been absolutely living for prank videos - especially when celebrities are involved! So we've done some investigating and are proud to present you with the greatest prank videos in which our faves go head to head in a battle of celebrities versus YouTubers!

There's only one question: Who wins when celebrities meet YouTubers in the prank battle to end all prank battles?!


  • Jennifer Lawrence vs SMOSH 

It goes without saying that J-Law is one of the biggest trolls EVER for what she did to Ian! But with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson whispering in your ear, it's hard to say no to their terrible deeds! Fair play to Ian for keeping his shoes off though, even when Jennifer completely dragged him for it.


  • Miranda Sings vs Ariana Grande

Seriously, just to have the Ariana's personal phone number makes Miranda the winner automatically, right? Unfortunately not. As funny as the 'is your refrigerator running' joke can be, Ariana comes out on top in this prank battle as Miranda accidentally leaves her Caller ID on! THAT'S PRANK 101 MIRANDA.


  • SMOSH vs Tom Hiddleston

Finally time for Anthony and Ian to claw back some revenge in this competition - by taking on the sexiest Asgardian bad guy himself, Tom Hiddleston. If you can survive through the awkward hand shakes and Ian attempting to rebrand Loki as 'KIDNEY STONES', the prank is as juicy as it's target. Also, 1 million Internet points for making Tom sing the Titanic song - bravo boys.


  • Ellen DeGeneres vs Sophia and Rosie Grace

WARNING: Too many feels approaching! If you haven't seen the original video that started this ADORABLE encounter, check it out here first! Now imagine first meeting Ellen herself... and then Nikki just appears as she's straight up magical and spits Super Bass with you! Madness. Well played Ellen!


  • Roman Atwood vs Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel is famous for opening boxes on Deal or No Deal USA and judging terrible people on America's Got Talent so it's a pretty big deal to prank him. Thank GAWD Roman came along just in time to TP his house and remind him that he's one of us at the end of the day. Let's all be thankful they censored the video though - Howie your language is terrible!


FINAL VERDICT: The 'Tubers brought their A game to the fight, but nothing can top an Ellen/Ariana/J-Law 3-way. These girls slayed from the moment they walked into the ring and left our YouTubers embarrassed and publicly pranked!

But what do you think? Vote below for your fave to win!