The Miranda Sings Netflix Series Just Had Some HUGE Casting News

6 April 2016, 09:57 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We cannot WAIT for this show to finally happen!

Whilst we don't have an air date to get excited about yet, Colleen Ballinger-Evans just revealed some crazy exciting news about the casting of her upcoming Netflix Original show, Haters Back Off. After years of teasing on YouTube but zero exposure, fans of Miranda Sings are finally about to see who her real mother and uncle are - and you won't believe who's been cast.

Teased heavily on Twitter and finally revealed in a YouTube video posted to Colleen's vlog channel yesterday, the new additions to the Sings family are Angela Kinsey (The US Office) and Steve Little (The Grinder). The characters, called Bethany and Jim respectively, have been referred to by Miranda since her creation in 2008, but fans have never actually got a glimpse at the crazy parents behind the overly-confident YouTube star. You can see the reveal video below, in which Colleen and new mom Angela play the 'Guess My Favourite X' game... very badly.

The eight-episode series has also started to make appearances in the Netflix homepage, with fans from the United Kingdom, United States and Australia tweeting out pictures of Miranda's show using the tag #HatersBackOffOnNetflix. The half-hour long comedy series will follow around the beloved YouTube star as we come to understand how her mother Bethany may be the cause of her deluded belief that she was born famous. The show is currently being filmed in Canada with her brother and co-partner/producer, Chris Ballinger, where Colleen recently moved in order to help production.

In the announcement video, Colleen said that reason we've never met Miranda Sings' mom and uncle before is because she was "saving them for this Netflix original series" where we will "finally meet" the rest of the Sings family. Dropping by to play a game in Colleen's video, Angela laughs that she is even going to dye her hair brown for the role of Miranda's mom to make sure she really fits the part. As of yet, there is still no air date as the series is still in production, but as soon as the premiere leaks we'll tell you ASAP!

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