Miranda Sings Got Her First Magazine Cover And It's Too Spicy

22 June 2016, 10:20 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Back off haters, Miranda is now a cover star.

We're now getting used to YouTubers propelling into stardom, with Marcus Butler set to appear on Celebrity Masterchef tonight (22, June) to Troye Sivan just being an all round musical genius; it's clear that the mainstream media is starting to take the Vlogging World seriously. However, it hasn't always been this way, and the press still often target any Internet star within their proximity. But Miranda Sings' new cover for 'Variety' has pushed the YouTube community one step further into being accepted.

The comedic genius, who just happens to be Colleen Ballinger's alto ego, is now officially a cover star and we've got to admit, she looks amazing. The cover is part of Variety's annual 'Famechangers' issue and it follows the announcement of Miranda's new Netflix original series 'Haters Back Off', which we can not wait to see - and neither can her 6.5 million subscribers.


In the interview, Miranda spills everything on the new show that premieres this autumn. She tells Variety: "Theres a lot of actors in it which is really annoying, I was like why can't I play all the parts... they had all this crew and they're just really annoying." Not only was she giving the gossip on 'Haters Back Off' during her cover shoot, she also took the time to tell us what she thinks about Lady Gaga... and her boobs?! She said whilst looking at a past issue of Variety, "I actually love Lady Gaga...I just wish she would cover up a bit more, you can see her chesticle cracks in here and that is very inappropriate."

Of course, it wasn't just Miranda being quizzed. Colleen was also present for the interview to give us all of the gossip on Miranda, and to explain how it's been difficult to be accepted by the mainstream media: "It’s been hard being on the internet and not being respected by people in Hollywood...A lot of people think most YouTubers are just untalented kids who film themselves for four minutes, and that’s all they do for their week. I really hope this opens doors for other YouTubers."

Since the cover was revealed yesterday (21, June), Colleen has taken to every social media platform ever to thank everyone for this amazing opportunity and it has given us all of the feels.

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We have seen a lot of YouTuber cover stars in our time here at We The Unicorns, but we have to say Miranda's may be one of our favourites. So, let us know what you think of Colleen's character and her first ever cover in the comments.