WATCH: This Beauty Vlogger Was Mugged Live On Periscope

5 October 2016, 14:35 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

youtuber mugged on livestream

By Charleyy Hodson

This is horrifying to watch.

Whilst mobile technology is a wonderful thing, sometimes it has its disadvantages. With Pokémon GO recently causing outrage with people stampeding around heavily populated areas, and older generations accusing millennials of being glued to their phones, one thing just became very clear - you should be careful about Periscoping in public. One unfortunate vlogger just found this out, after being mugged LIVE on camera.

Rebecca Casserly, a beauty vlogger who regularly Periscope's her morning commute through London, fell victim to a robbery in broad daylight after a thief snatched her phone out of her hand in the middle of one of her live streams. You can see Rebecca being mugged below as a cyclist goes past and grabs the phone right out of her hands. It's truly shocking:

After her phone is stolen, you can hear Rebecca screaming in the background for someone to help catch the crook - but nobody did. She spoke to the Evening Standard about how she felt during the attack; "It's scary because you don't expect it early in the morning when there are lots of people around".

Whilst the identity of the thief is not clear right now, what can be identified from the end of the video is that their face was concealed in a balaclava, when they realise the whole attack had been caught on camera. A male voice can also be heard in the clip. The mugging happened outside the Highbury and Islington tube station in North London, and Rebecca confesses that people need to be more careful with their mobile technology.

Rebecca is still looking to catch the thief, who reportedly stole three phones in total that same morning.


If you have any thoughts on Rebecca being mugged live on Periscope, let us know in the comments below as we're keen to see what you think about public crimes like this.