Self-Appointed 'Feminist' YouTuber Charged With Murdering Female Co-Host

18 May 2017, 16:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

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By Benedict Townsend

A YouTuber who goes by the username 'Skeptic Feminist' has been charged with allegedly murdering his female co-host

YouTuber Aleksandr Kolpakov, who goes by the YouTube handle Skeptic Feminist, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder after allegedly murdering Heather Anable. Anable was a fellow YouTuber who appeared in videos with Kopakov and who viewers knew as 'Ivy'.

Skeptic Feminist

Kolpakov, was known for being an outspoken, self-declared feminist, who would often talk about his disgust with men who commit violence against women; this obviously stands in stark contrast to the person that he actually appears to be. His channel has just under four thousand subscribers and is, at the time of writing, still active. The last video he posted has gained a large number of dislikes and the comments are about as positive as you'd expect.

Heather Anable would appear in some videos and live streams with Kolpakov and was a known personality herself. An asscoiate of Kolpakov took to Twitter and appeared to blame the incident on Kolpakov having a flashback to his time in the military:

Some details have emerged about the incident, although the precise nature of how and why the killing happened is not yet public. Police arrived at a house in Colorado on Saturday 13th May after neighbours reported gunshots. They found Anable's body and immediately arrested Kolpakov. The Mesa County Coroner’s Office ruled that her death was a homicide and they stated that Anable was shot multiple times in the neck and chest. The police do not appear to be following any other lines of inquiry.


There is possibility that Kolpakov may now be charged with the more serious crime of first degree murder, which carries a heavier sentence. First degree murder is for cases where the murder appears to be premeditated. In other words, it appears that the police may be alleging that he had planned in advance to murder her, rather than murdering her randomly, or in a fit of rage. Our thoughts are with Heather's friends and family in this difficult time. Kolpakov's next court date is May 23rd.