Is Making Its Own Version Of HQ Trivia - Here's Everything You Need To Know

29 January 2018, 11:01 | Updated: 29 January 2018, 11:11

HQ Trivia
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

These apps are pretty ruthless when it comes to copying ideas, eh?, the mega popular lipsyncing app that is popular among everyone from tweens to slightly older tweens, appears to be working on a competitor (clone) of the hit live trivia app HQ Trivia, according to a document discovered by Gizmodo.

HQ Trivia is a smash hit, one of a kind app, which delivers a live game show (complete with charming host) that users can participate in in real time. The app offers real world cash - and lots of it - as an incentive for would-be contestants, and the investment has paid off, with the app reporting 730,000 concurrent players on Christmas Day 2017.

Bytedance, a Chinese digital comapny that purchased for a mere $800 million last November has indicated that they are moving to create a virtual identical clone to It is a little baffling that apps seem to be in the only industry where you're allowed to just wholesale steal someone else's idea (Instagram stories, anyone?), but regardless, this seems like a sharp business move.

The new app is codenamed 'Project F' and could reportedly launch as early as next week. It is not yet clear whether this new app will be linked to in any way, aside from sharing a parent company.

The only question that remains is - who will be their host?