These Musicians Apparently Get More Love On YouTube Every Valentine's Day

14 February 2017, 13:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Valentine's Day is great for songs about that good good lovin'.

If you're in a relationship around this time of year, chances are you like to crank up the love jams. But if you love a bit of Barry White on Valentine's Day, you're apparently not alone; and now YouTube has the stats to prove it.

valentine's day

YouTube have revealed that certain musicians - with popular love/Valentine's-related songs in their discography - tend to get a boost in views every year, on this fateful day of commercial romanticism LOVE. 90's RnB artists like Whitney Houston and Keith Sweat find themselves getting up to double the amount of views of a regular day, as lovers everywhere add them to their Valentine's playlists.

The Top 10 lists of artists who get a Valentine's Day view boost in both the UK and the US can be seen below.

UK Top 10

  1. Kina Grannis (2.3 times more views on Valentine’s Day)
  2. Barry White (2.2x)
  3. Martina McBride (1.9x)
  4. Keith Sweat (1.6x)
  5. Savage Garden (1.6x)
  6. K-Ci & JoJo (1.6x)
  7. Serge Gainsbourg (1.5x)
  8. Lonestar (1.5x)
  9. Brian McKnight (1.5x)
  10. The Righteous Brothers (1.5x)

US Top 10:

  1. Whitney Houston (2.8 times more views on Valentine’s Day)
  2. Kina Grannis (2.2x)
  3. Martina McBride (2.1x)
  4. Axel (1.8x)
  5. Barry White (1.8x)
  6. Chaka Khan (1.8x)
  7. Industria del Amor (1.8x)
  8. Ella Fitzgerald (1.6x
  9. The Righteous Brothers (1.6x)
  10. Savage Garden (1.6x)

So next time you put together a love song playlist, you might want to consider mixing things up a bit...