70 Brand New Emojis Are About To Drop And They Look AMAZING

17 July 2018, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2018, 15:48

By Josh Lee

If you're ginger, curly-haired, bald or greying, today is your day. Also, if you're a mango.

To celebrate World Emoji Day (yes apparently that's a thing), Apple unveiled 70 brand new emojis, which will all be available to use later this year.

As well as new hairstyles and colours, new animals, foods, characters and symbols will become available, including a peacock, mango, superheroes (both masculine and feminine), and the infinity symbol. No release date has bee publicised yet, but Apple said in a blog post that the emojis will come as part of a "free software update."

Apple's newest emojis
Apple's newest emojis. Picture: Apple

Jeremy Burge, who created World Emoji Day, told CNN that ginger emojis are likely to be well-received: "As always, some of the most vocal requests for new emojis are about representation, and this update delivers some of the most common requests. In particular the redheads and curly-haired options are likely to be popular."

For accessibility advocates, today's news will be tinged with disappointment as the range of disability-focussed emojis proposed in March 2018 were not included in the promo. They are, however due to land at some point in 2019.