Niche Creator Day: Everything You Need To Know About This Awesome YouTuber Event

15 February 2018, 12:13 | Updated: 15 February 2018, 12:17

Niche creator day
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

This Saturday 17th February, Niche, a creator-focused brand that is part of Twitter will host the 3rd annual Creator Day (#CD2018). The event, which Started in 2015, celebrates digital creators on Niche. It brings the digital community together, helping them to continue building their channels and connecting them in a meaningful way.

Jo Burford, EMEA Community Manager says: "Since starting this event, we have seen the role digital creators play in society evolve. In 2017 we saw the traditional worlds of brands, entertainment, publishing, music, fashion and film all affected by the rise of the digital creator. This event will focus on the exciting role that creators are playing in shaping trends, brand campaigns and culture."

Who will be there?

The lineup at this year includes: Christine Sydelko, Em Ford, Niki & Sammy, Roman Kemp, Carly Rowena, Munroe Bergdorf, Tom Harlock, Riyadh Khalaf, Felicity Hayward, Jana Vlogs, Joe Tasker and more!

What will happen on the day?

Here's a rundown of what the day will be like:

- Inventor and tech maverick LJ Rich will begin the day with a session exploring The Creative Mind

- A panel looking back at what Christine Sydelko, Roman Kemp, Munroe Bergdorf feel were the Biggest Moments of 2017 moderated by Alice Beverton-Palmer, Twitter Entertainment.

- James Glynn, Twitter Moments, will be joined by Tom Harlockand journalists Mollie Goodfellow and Justin Myers to uncover Fantastic Tweets and Where to Find Them. 

- The afternoon moves to practical guide on How to Grow and Nurture your social channel featuring established creators,Em Ford, Joe Tasker and Carly Rowena.

- The day will end with a discussion on The New Normal with champions for change, Riyadh Khalaf, Felicity Hayward and Jana Vlogs.

The day will be covered across @TwitterUK by Niki and Sammy, who will be holding exclusive interviews with both the speakers and guests.

Here's what some of the creators have to say about the event

Speaking exclusively to We The Unicorns, Riyadh Khalaf said: “I’m buzzing for Creator Day at Twitter. Events like this always inspire me to up my content game, explore new subject matters and connect with other creators from around the world. Putting likeminded people together in a creatively free environment always leads to the birth of new ideas and rich discussions. Bring it on!”

Joe Tasker, meanwhile, said: "A few years ago on the day of this event was my first time coming to London for anything creator related and what an event to come to! Now I’ll be speaking at the Creator Day about my journey of content that escapes my strange mind on a daily basis! I’m looking forward to discussing the all things social media and seeing what’s in store for the future!"