Nick Crompton Just Introduced His Boyfriend To The World And It's Adorable AF

30 November 2017, 11:15

Nick Crompton
Nick Crompton. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Love wins every day, bro.

In a recent vlog from Jake Paul, Team 10 COO Nick Crompton introduced his new boyfriend to the world, as well as the hilariously cringe story of their first IRL meeting.

Nick and Levi, from North Carolina, initially began talking on Tinder, and then Instagram. But when it came to coming face to face, Nick decided to pull out all the stops with an ostentatious, perfectly Team 10-esque display.

"Do you know how I met him in person?" Nick says in the video. "I was trying to show off so much. I made Ray drive me to his house in the white Rolls-Royce.”

While Nick has never come out as gay in certain terms, the YouTber hasn't really kept it a secret either. "I talk about guys all the time," he explains in the video, before Jake reveals Nick's crush on Cameron Dallas.

Congrats on officially coming out, Nick! Here's to lots of happiness with your new man.

Check out the video below to meet Nick Crompton's boyfriend Levi.