Nicole Arbour's "Sequel" Is Probably About To Upset The World Again

10 February 2016, 11:32 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Team Unicorns

The internet might have already shut this down in its tracks.

Professional troll Nicole Arbour has announced plans to release a follow-up video to her viral body-shaming rant "Dear Fat People". Happy Wednesday!

Arbour gained viral notoriety in September of 2015 when her "satirical" diatribe against plus-size people was spread across the internet, rapidly turning her into a worldwide subject of hate, national news, and countless thoughtpieces.

But Arbour has thrived off the attention, and has continued to make slightly less successful follow-ups such as "DEAR BLACK PEOPLE", "DEAR FEMINISTS" and the since-deleted "Dear Matthew Santoro"; a response to her ex-boyfriend, who recently opened up about his domestic abuse experience when supposedly dating her.

Last night, Arbour was "inspired" after going off on a Twitter rant against Sports Illustrated, following their featuring of plus-size model Ashley Graham in their 2016 Swimsuit Issue.

Given that Ashley Graham is actually quite well-known for her strenuous daily gym routine, the internet was quick to disprove this attempted criticism. They also brought up Nicole Arbour's "hypocrisy", citing a long-winded post she had shared to Instagram just hours before about "jealousy".


Evidently tired of blocking people for making valid points, Arbour revealed that she would be sharing her thoughts in video form - in a follow-up to her most notorious piece of content.


But if the internet's response so far is anything to go by, this one might go down in flames.