Uh-Oh... Nicole Arbour Has P*ssed Off The Vegans

9 June 2016, 15:47 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Here we go again...

We would like to pose a question to our readers, but we're afraid we've actually already answered it. We wondered if it could ever be possible for Nicole Arbour to go a week without offending anybody, but as the main aim of her channel is to target specific groups of people and verbally assault them, it's pretty clear that she's never going to stop. And now, Nicole has turned her acid tongue on the Vegans.

In a video cleverly titled 'Dear Vegans', Nicole goes on to explain that they are single-handedly the worst people on the planet. The video, which currently has 346k views at the time of writing, uses a combination of animal noises, fart jokes and references to Babe the Pig to try and teach vegans a thing or two about their belief system. In fact, Nicole goes so far as to pen the following opening monologue: "Dear vegans... shut up! Completely separate from your beliefs, you people are the most annoying group of humans known to mankind... more annoying than Jehovah's Witnesses". Strong words there.

Once Nicole unleashed her video into the world, the most inevitable thing ever happened; the vegans responded in their MASSES. We've decided to highlight some of the most high-profile responses so you're able to get a full picture of what the Heads of the Vegan YouTube Community have to say to represent themselves. It starts off with Freelee the Banana Girl, who seems to be taking time off from shouting at other vegans to address Nicole and her controversial video.

To kick things off, Freelee admits that Nicole made "some good points in the 'Dear Fat People' video" but it quickly descends into chaos when she states that because Nicole enjoys eating bacon, it must mean she's a fan of "stuffing her face with death". Freelee then goes into great detail about tooth research and how vegans are trying to "help people around us" because they're "annoying f*cking f*ucks" in addition to giving spontaneous rounds of sarcastic applause. So, if that sounds at all interesting to you, please watch the full 11 minute encounter below.

Next up to bat is Vegan Gains, who has decided to upload a video with a charming image of Nicole Arbour doing unspeakable things to a banana - for legal reasons, we have to clarify that this image has been doctored and we're 80% sure this hasn't happened. In defense of the vegans, VG makes a point of saying that meat eaters are more likely to gain weight, thus proving that one day Nicole will turn into one of the "fat people" she despises so much.

One of the most prominent things that VG has to say is on the subject of Nicole's channel as a whole, and ponders why she has even decided to target their community: "I'm really curious to see what a selfish, apathetic b*tch who says things merely for shock value has to say now... It's clear that you're just jealous that vegans are all-round better people than you". In his 13 minute long attack, Mr Gains decide that the most measured response he could say as a peaceful animal lover is that he could very easily "skin you and wear you as a fashion statement... I do always need new wigs".

Obviously, a million more response videos have been uploaded to clap back at Nicole, including one from a woman who is so keen to talk about "animal rape" and "chicken periods" that we almost sided with Nicole in the first place (emphasis on almost). We're not entirely sure how this whole situation will play out, but we can be totally sure that since Nicole was happy enough to upload a sequel to the 'Dear Fat People' video that there will certainly be a new vegan-centric video jut around the corner. And don't worry, we'll let you know when that day comes.

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