Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced Is The BEST Make-Up Collab Ever

31 March 2016, 10:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're saving our pennies up right now!

We can guarantee that if you look in the makeup bags of anybody alive and painted in 2016, you will see piles upon piles of Too Faced products - from their standout Better Than Sex mascara to their totally sold-out Peach Palette. But it's time to clear out your shelves and leave a space because the newest collaboration between Nikkie Tutorials and Too Faced will rock your world.

Announced on the brand co-founders Instagram, Jerrod Blandino posted with stunning snap with Nikkie to tease their upcoming beauty project, set to redefine makeup in Fall 2016; "OMG! Here's a HUGE #sneakypeak!!! @nikkietutorials and I @toofaced are collaborating on an exclusive kit for #fall2016 #itshappening #toofaced #nikkietutorials #nikkie4toofaced". We love a man who's not afraid of a hashtag.

We can only speculate right now what the new collaboration will be about, with only the words "kit" to fuel our excitement and creative energy. Will it be a stunning new eyeshadow palette? A contouring kit to save our basic souls? Or maybe even a new product to rival Kylie Jenner's sold-out lip kit? It could literally mean anything, but with Too Faced taking over YouTube and growing exponentially thanks to their online audience, we can guarantee that it will be to die for.

Even better than the product itself is the beauty guru working on the collab, with Nikkie Tutorials representing one of the most iconic and recognisable faces on YouTube. She boasts over 3 million subscribers thanks to her recently viral beauty trend, #ThePowerOfMakeup, which got people talking about how beautiful human beings are with and without makeup. We cannot wait to see what "kit" the Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced reveal will be, and we'll keep you updated if any more information comes out.