WATCH: Olan Rogers Is Literally The Best Dang Storyteller On YouTube

7 September 2016, 11:57 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

olan rogers

By Liam Dryden

Only Olan Rogers could make a childhood story about stealing a can of soda sound so gosh darn entertaining.

A popular new trend that's been flooding the YouTubes in recent months is the "Storytime" vlog format. People share their recount of an event that may or may not have actually happened to them, often with a clickbaity headline like "I POOPED MYSELF IN CHURCH?! (NOT CLICKBAIT)". Fortunately, one of our faves doesn't have to rely on tropes to just tell a really, really good story - and when Olan Rogers has a story to tell, everyone gathers around to listen.

olan rogers

In Olan's latest upload, "A Thief In The Night", he regales us with the story of his childhood friend Wesley; a kleptomaniac whose family always seemed to buy the fancy sodas. Things get real weird when young Olan decides to try and sneak a can of Mr. Pibb in the middle of the night - but we'll let him tell you all about it, we couldn't possibly do the story justice.

The eye contact. The enunciation. The severe lack of blinking. Can you see why his story-telling is the best on the site??