Olan Rogers Just Announced A Bunch Of Crazy Projects

1 March 2016, 16:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

NGL, we literally cried watching his video.

There are only a select few YouTubers that we would follow to the ends of Earth and would drop everything in any given moment to watch their newest video - Olan Rogers is one of them. As a YouTuber, filmmaker, designer and all-round good guy, his latest video sees Olan announce a bunch of exciting new projects and make us all flood literal tears by the end of it.

In his most recent "historical document", Olan finally revealed four brand new things for us all to get super excited over: a brand new Soda Parlor, an upcoming Spring apparel line, he's finally finishing up his book and lastly, the premiere of his new cartoon Final Space is coming soon. We'll go into more details about each of these updates below, but for now, please do yourself a favour and watch Olan Rogers announcement video - you'll cry buckets.

So, first up is the newest Soda Parlor building. If you didn't know already, Olan owns and runs the Soda Parlor, a "hybrid store" in Nashville where they specialise in soda, apparel and monthly events with live music and pizza (!!). In fact, people travel across the entire country just to come and meet Olan at one of these events, so it's a big deal that they're looking into securing a new building in the Five Points area.

As well as this, Olan's beloved clothing line is currently having it's Spring season designed. A sneak peak shows us the most incredible tee of a pug holding a bazooka wearing red Converse sneakers, which we already know demand all of our money. Talking about his inspiration behind the collection, Olan gets real deep; "I've kinda started to accept the fact that I'm not really that cool. I'm kinda fun, weird and eh, funky" - which sums his designs up perfectly!

Olan Rogers

Next up is Olan Rogers' book, and no don't worry it's not one of your usual YouTuber books. He's been working on it with Jake for the past three years, in which time "everyone has since decided to come out with a book". It's called 'Heaven's Vault' and from what we can tell so far, it's going to be the most incredible fiction book you'll ever read. He has been approached in the past to write your atypical YouTube book but as a man in his "20's, there's nothing interesting in [his] life" that he feels he could tell. Instead he's going down the route of self-publishing and is telling a story he's far prouder of.

Lastly, and most exciting of all, long time fans of Olan Rogers' channel will remember his old cartoon Gary's Space. With only three episodes posted on his channel back in 2010, Olan has announced the brand new pilot series for his adaptation is coming in March 2016, now called Final Space. His announcement video shows some beautiful stills from the cartoon as well as a precious moment in which we witness Olan watch the first animated draft of the show with the largest happy tears rolling down his face - "I've tried to make this cartoon since 2010... oh man! But to actually see it fully animated... it's so good!"

If you need some Olan Education, then check out his viral success video 'Ghost In The Stalls' and make sure you hit subscribe.