People Are Concerned That Onision Is Asking For Photos Of Underage Fans

21 December 2016, 11:08 | Updated: 21 November 2017, 10:33


By Charleyy Hodson

This is messed up.

Please note: This is a news story from 2016.

You may not be an avid watcher of the OnisionSpeaks channel, but something has been happening over the last four weeks that simply cannot be ignored anymore. In recent videos, Onision is seen critiquing the bodies of young women and declaring whether they need to lose or gain weight in his opinion. The problem is that these images are often from underage girls posting on a forum Onision owns and runs himself. It's NOT good.

The website, which we shall not be linking to for obvious reasons, seems to be the main place for fans to actually send their semi-naked photos for him to critique in his videos. However, to sign up for the website there is NO age restriction and the Terms & Conditions do NOT mention anything about users needing to be over 18 to submit their own images.

For this reason, some underage fans are sharing images and hiding their age so they don't cause Onision any "problems".


Onision hasn't exactly shied away from his knowledge or involvement with the website, and in his most recent video description he actually tries to reason why the site is beneficial: "A lot of you posted pictures to the forums wanting opinions on your body types demonstrating how a body can look ugly from one angle, then better from another angle or position… I think there is a lot to learn in this video & overall, I really appreciate your contributions”. Unfortunately, with a large majority of these "contributions" being from people listing their age between 11- and 17-years-old, it's concerning people to know that Onision can "appreciate' this content.

News of his website exploded on Reddit overnight when it became clear that people were starting to use the site to beg for certain images to be removed from Onision's videos. One user posted that in his recent "try hard girls" video, their sister was featured in her "Calvins" when she's "only 13 and shouldn't be posting that type of stuff online". The video has not yet been removed. If this comment is true, this means that Onision is potentially guilty of distributing child pornography.


We'll keep you updated if this story goes any further. There has been no comment from Onision on the subject.

(Research: @William__Hicks)