Here's How The LGBT+ YouTube Community Responded To The Orlando Shooting

13 June 2016, 12:23 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 16:43

YouTubers react to the Orlando shooting

By Liam Dryden

The second Orlando shooting in the space of two days has rocked the YouTube community once again - and devastated LGBTQ+ creators.

After the devastating murder of Christina Grimmie over the weekend, the YouTube community - and the rest of the world - had almost no time to mourn before being hit with yet another tragedy.

In the same city of Orlando, just a day later, 50 people were murdered and another 53 critically injured, in a mass shooting at gay nightclub Pulse.

While the news has been repeatedly fudging the facts, speculating ISIS ties and erasing the victims' sexual identities, it's hard to argue that attacking a gay club on a Saturday night during Pride month wasn't deeply rooted in homophobia.


As a result, YouTube's LGBTQ+ community has been one of the most visibly shaken by what is being called "the largest mass shooting in US History".

One of the first to react  to the tragedy in video form was UK-based YouTuber Calum McSwiggan, who posted a tearful vlog to his channel just hours after the news broke.

Trans beauty vlogger Gigi Gorgeous also weighed in with a vlog, admitting that she now feels scared during what is "supposed to be a time and a place of love and support".


The effects of being both a part of the LGBTQ+ and YouTube communities during this weekend has affected some a lot more than others.

Tyler Oakley expressed his genuine fears about being both a YouTuber and a gay person during this time - and as a result, postponed his scheduled book signing that day.


But fear hasn't stopped this community from taking action before now - and this most recent tragedy is no exception. 

The events of Orlando have spurned on many creators to take action and join the cause of demanding better gun control across the United States.


Others have also been helping spread word and offer help in whatever way they can for the people injured in Pulse.


Meanwhile, in L.A, Pride was well underway.

Known as a city quite densely populated by YouTubers, Los Angeles' Pride celebrations have been taking place all weekend. Amidst threats yesterday that included the arrest of a man en route to LA Pride with firearms and explosive materials, LGBTQ+ creators such as Ingrid Nilsen and Kingsley still attended the event defiantly and proudly.

And across the rest of the world, creators were getting involved in the political message of their own home countries.

Troye Sivan in particular had some strong words for the Australian Prime Minister, after he released a statement in response to the shooting.


Obviously, it isn't just LGBT+ YouTubers that have had a response to the events in Orlando this weekend.

Many straight YouTubers and allies have shared in the collective mourning of lives lost, lobbied for changes to the law in the US, and offered their solidarity in their own ways.


As we have seen in the past, including events such as the Paris attacks late last year, the YouTube community is at its strongest when it unites under a common cause to share news, support and unconditional love for those who might need it during a difficult time.

While the rest of the world argues back and forth and points fingers in the wrong places, we may actually be able to use our influence for good, and make some serious changes to prevent an event as devastating as this and the death of Christina Grimmie from happening again.