PeeWeeToms' Family Post Emotional Video As He Loses His Fight Against Cancer

3 October 2018, 11:35

Picture: PeeWeeToms YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

The vlogger lost his three-year battle with cancer.

Popular vlogger Dan Thomas, more commonly known as PeeWeeToms, has sadly lost his battle to the rare cancer, sarcomatoid carcinoma.

Dan has been uploading videos regularly for 8 months, opening up about his cancer and how he deals with it day-to-day. His videos were inspiring and helped people along the way with his signature catchphrase, "don't give in, don't give up". In the 8 months he has been vlogging, he has reached over 157,000 subscribers.

He passed away on September 28 at 12.35pm, and his family uploaded a touching video notifying viewers and subscribers, and thanking people for their support. They have said we haven't seen the last of Dan, as he was working on things before he passed. They will share his projects, along with videos from them as a family.

They said Dan's legacy would be for everyone to keep doing what they're doing, to not give up and to enjoy every minute as Dan did.

The video currently has almost 360,000 views and almost 15,000 comments, all of them messages of love and support to Dan and his family.

Dan's last video was posted on September 24th from the hospital, letting people know his cancer had rapidly evolved and produced more painful tumours. He noted there were things he wanted to do that now he never can, and ends the video by saying he's feeling very weak.

As well as informing viewers of his passing, his family have also released a video inviting fans to attend his funeral and celebrate his life on October 8th, as it's what Dan would have wanted.