Petition To Build Statue Of Robbie Rotten Actor In Iceland Gets 68,000 Signatures

11 July 2017, 10:55 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

robbie rotten

By Benedict Townsend

Now look at this petition, that I've just found

A petition has been organised to build a statue of Icelandic actor Stefan Karl Steffanson in his hometown of Hafnarfjörđur, Iceland to 'forever immortalise and honour his amazing legacy'.

Stefan is of course well known for playing the character Robbie Rotten on the successful Icelandic children's show LazyTown. Robbie Rotten became the internet's favourite villainous boy after a song performed by him on the show became fodder for one of the internet's best ever memes.



When it was revealed that Stefan had been diagnosed with cancer, memers began using their powers for good, using We Are Number One memes as a way to encourage people to donate to Stefan and his family during his time of need. When things recently took a turn for worse for Stefan, fans doubled-down on their fundraising and support efforts - and this new petition is one more example.


What is the petition?

The petition was set up by a fan called Adem. He is a huge fan of Stefan and wants to honour his work. Here's a little extract from his explainer on the petition page:


screen-shot-2017-07-11-at-10-54-37 A quote from the petition page


Has it gone well?

Uhh yeah bro. The petition has so far amassed 68,000 signatures, which is not only greater than the population of Stefan's homeland, but is in fact equivalent to 10% of the population of Iceland itself. Incredible scenes. The petition is aimed at the Icelandic Prime Minister himself, and though that may seem like overkill, Iceland is honestly a small enough country (no offence Iceland) and LazyTown is a big enough show, that this petition might actually be brought to his attention.

robbie rotten petition From the petition page


But it's not over yet

The goal of the petition is to get 75,000 signatures - meaning we are currently about 7,000 short of getting this baby finished. You can sign the petition yourself by clicking right here - and hopefully we can get Stefan the statue he deserves. Have a number one day guys - and stay strong, Stefan!