PewDiePie Has Been Evicted - But He Didn't Leave Quietly

4 July 2016, 11:38 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Pewds has finally left, but he had the last laugh.

PewDiePie has been having a pretty hard time recently; he's been kicked out of his flat and been accused of anti-social behaviour, all whilst trying to do his day job. But now, the time has finally come for Pewds to officially leave his flat - and he hasn't gone quietly.

We've already reported on PDP's eviction notice last month, after his landlord bashed down his door to tell Pewds and his team 'to keep the noise down' whilst labelling them 'faggots'. Since then, many news sites have picked up the story and used the angle of Felix being evicted for having "gay sex". The YouTuber, with a bro army of millions, uploaded his video entitled 'IT'S TIME TO LEAVE..' yesterday (Sunday 3, July) to give us a bit more information of what actually happened.

WARNING: if you're in public, don't watch the second half of this video with the sound on  - especially if you're with your parents.

If you're a fan of PewDiePie's videos, you will already know that he is loud, but the gaming YouTuber explains in his recent video that they were kicked out of his flat without any formal noise complaints and he even showed us a clip of the video they were making at the time of the incident. Just days after the landlord made the homophobic comments at PDP's door, they were issued with an eviction notice, telling them that they had to leave by 29th June. Felix goes on to explain that the landlord thought they were a gay couple having sex and that he can't think of any other reason for him to kick them out other than the fact he is "a massive homophobe".

pdp great

Of course, in true PDP style, he wasn't going to go quietly. So, Pewds decided to blast loud porn through his speakers whilst hosting and filming a 'gay party' with his blow up dolls - because what else would you do after being evicted from your flat? We bet his landlord loved that.

Obviously we know that Felix means no offence to the LGBT community in this video, he is just trying to highlight the ignorance of his landlord and leave his office whilst having the last laugh. As always, let us know what you think about PewDiePie's eviction in the comments.