BREAKING: PewDiePie JUST Hit 50 Million Subscribers; But Now What?

8 December 2016, 21:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It's a monumental day for everyone involved, TBH.

UPDATE 1: Felix has announced on Twitter that he will be deleting his channel at 5pm GMT now that he has reached 50 million subscribers.

It finally happened folks! After weeks of conversation and debate on the Internet (including yours truly), Felix has finally seen his unstoppable YouTube channel hit 50 million subscribers. For any other creator on the platform, this would be a day of celebration. However, for PewDiePie and his 50 million Bros... it's an unsteady future ahead.

In the video below which sees Felix break the news about wanting to delete his YouTube channel once it hits the never-before-seen milestone, he makes it very clear that he will be continuing to make YouTube videos on a brand new channel where he doesn't have dead subscribers. Now that he's hit the criteria to finally smack the big 'ole delete button on his channel, a lot of people are still wondering whether he's even going to do it.

We'll break down a couple of theories for you surrounding the deletion of the world-renowned PewDiePie channel:

  • Mainstream media would have you believe that YouTube will "kill" the channel because Felix is "white", which is easily the most bizarre thing we've ever heard.
  • Maybe Felix has been trolling us all along and will delete his JackSeptic Eye2 channel, even though he did state clearly that his intention was to delete the "PewDiePie channel".
  • Most importantly, there's a very strong likelihood that even if Felix does delete his YouTube channel, it won't be until late Saturday evening (GMT). On Friday and Saturday the 9th and 10th of December, his network Revelmode are hosting a two-day livestream extravaganza for charity hosted ON Felix's channel. Would he really be cruel enough to delete his influential channel moments before hosting a livestream to raise money for AIDS that the likes of Markiplier and CinnamonToastKen have flown in to England for?! We think not.
  • And lastly, maybe Felix won't delete the channel, but will instead privatise every video to ensure that his content over the past six years isn't lost - we just can't see it anymore!

Let us know in the comments below you think Felix will do now he's hit 50 million, and we'll keep you updated every step of the way. He's never one to make things boring!

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