PewDiePie Has Officially Had It With YouTube Comments

2 February 2016, 12:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is an ongoing struggle with Pewds.

In the past, we've heard creators from every corner of YouTube talk about their upset at the comment section of their beloved website, but no one else seems to have as much of a vendetta against them as PewDiePie. Remember two years when he turned off ALL comments on his videos?! Well, now he's gunning for them once again.

In usual PDP style, his take on 'YouTube comments I hate' was not only straight up shady but laced with real talk that every single creator and fan alike needs to pay attention to. Is it time to stop ignoring the comment trolls and start policing how the world communicates with each other?!

Whilst the comments on Felix' channel range from the frank 'shave off your beard' to downright unfair 'stop complaining you're rich', Felix draws attention some truly troubling issues that take place over the entirety of YouTube.

Here are only a couple of the struggles he raises:

  • The idea that YouTubers 'copy' each others content, when it fact it all just falls down to 'who posted first'
  • Audiences can be OTT involved in the aesthetic appearance of their YouTube faves, which is totally unnecessary and unwelcome
  • The idea that certain lengths of video generate more money for some creators - a concept which is both wrong and none of their business
  • YouTubers with a large following are not allowed to complain because they're too rich


PewDiePie comments


Obviously, each of these ideas are ludicrous but they seem to be problems that crop up over every single YouTube channel regardless of their genre. We'll be going into PewDiePie's video and the questions it arises later on in the week, but the most moving part of the whole video was Felix' final line, spoken through true emotion:

"Sometimes you guys gotta meet me halfway."