PewDiePie Just Started Major Drama With 42 (!!!) YouTubers

26 September 2016, 09:48 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Pewd's is back at it again with the hot takes.

PewDiePie's YouTube channel has seen a rather dramatic change in content style as of late. Instead of the usual horror game playthrough's and headphone breaking screams, Felix has opted instead to speak openly about other YouTubers on his platform. We've all heard his rants about Leafy and Keemstar, but what we did not expect was for him to target drama at 42 of the most popular YouTubers in the world - in a single video.

Uploaded on the 25th of September 2016, PewDiePie looks back to his previous video on YouTube Drama in which he states that he "couldn't think of anything more stupid to waste your time on". Well, fast forward to the present day and Felix uploads his "YouTube Drama Part 2" video which sees him "start drama with everyone... all the YouTube you like? F*CK 'UM". You can see the full video below, but we're gonna have fun listing his entire tirade further down the page.

So, without further adieu, here's every single YouTuber attacked by PewDiePie in his latest video:

      1. CinnamonToastKen - “Fat”
      2. Scarce - “Fat”
      3. Cry - “Probably fat… I’m not gonna have any friends after this”
      4. JackSepticEye - “Irish c***”
      5. RiceGum - “North Korean c***”
      6. iDubbbzTV - “25 and balding”
      7. KSI - “Triggered by anything”
      8. Rihanna - “Ugly”
      9. Dan and Phil - “Are they dating? No we won’t f*cking tell you! F*ck you, you’ll never know”
      10. Edgar - “Worst f*cking dog”
      11. Seananners - “I laugh at everything as long as it gives me views… I laugh at anything to hide that I’m unfunny”
      12. Shane Dawson - “Wishes he could come out twice”
      13. JacksFilms - “Gay vibes”
      14. Taylor Swift - “Ugly”
      15. FouseyTUBE - “Worst channel on YouTube”
      16. SkyDoesMinecraft - “Definitely still enjoying Minecraft”
      17. DanTDM - “Definitely still enjoying Minecraft”
      18. KickThePJ - “Needs to be kicked”
      19. Markiplier - “Crybaby”
      20. H3H3 - “Too many chins”
      21. Egoraptor - “Too many chins”
      22. Leafy - “Chin implants… think about it”
      23. Emma Blackery - “More like Emma Boo-Hoo-My-Life-Is-So-Hard-Ery”
      24. Dylan the Hacker - “Can’t even f*cking hack”
      25. Roman Atwood - “Quality content”
      26. Jenna Marbles - “More like, I’m 10 times hotter in all my profile pictures than what I really am”
      27. Keemstar - “He’s a nice fellow. He’s a nice fellow”
      28. Lilly Singh - “The definition of trying too hard”
      29. Filthy Frank - “I love him”
      30. Philly D - “Oh yeah, I’ve been on YouTube longer than you, so you can f*ck off”
      31. Toby Turner - “Drug issue”
      32. Marina Joyce - “Drug issue”
      33. VideoGameDuncan - “Not. Black.”
      34. Zoella - “The worst content I’ve seen but still doing pretty well”
      35. Casey Neistat - “The only person on YouTube with a bigger nose than I have”
      36. Boogie2988 - “I wanna be everyone’s friend”
      37. FaZeClan - “I’m just as relevant as Call of Duty”
      38. Syndicate - “Made the slimiest move on YouTube that I’ve ever seen and is somehow still making videos”
      39. Kwebbelkop - “Head almost big as ego”
      40. Hilary Clinton - “Dying”
      41. YouTube - “Dying”
      42. PewDiePie - “Wish I was”

Oh, and he's also changed his entire Twitter page to be Marina Joyce as well.


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