PewDiePie Just Called Himself The "Biggest Hypocrite On YouTube"

9 August 2016, 13:05 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

In his newest video, Felix gets really introspective.

The PewDiePie channel is going through a strange series of videos at the moments. When Felix isn't uploading a whole series of Let's Play videos about the newest indie game Abzu, he's creating the funniest web series #DramaScoops or attacking the YouTube vegan community. But now, Pewds seems to be getting very personal as he talks about the growth of his channel and how he's the "biggest hypocrite on YouTube".

His newest video, simply called "Thanks", sees Felix playing a "Kittycat Jigsaw Puzzle" for 10 solid minutes with no cam because he's "currently sick". Instead, he uses this opportunity to talk to fans on a low-key basis to describe the recent surge in popularity to his channel, including how he has "finally become self aware". For casual PewDiePie fans, I'd look away now because the video below is about to get reaaaaal introspective.

The whole premise of the video is Felix explaining how his "content has been getting better lately" according to fans of his channel, as he feels its "had a bit of a second wind over the summer". Going behind the scenes of the biggest channel on YouTube, PewDiePie shows off graphs highlighting the falling viewing figures of his videos and how they're now improving because his "ego is now so massive that I call people out on shit that I even do myself" - hence why he calls himself a hypocrite.

In addition to thanking his fans for sticking with him throughout all his "dumb jokes" and "cringe worthy" content, he takes the time to spotlight "Michael and Brad for helping me out with videos lately" after realising how "absolutely depressing" his old work ethic used to be; "For the longest time, the approach to YouTube I had was to do everything by myself... for four years just sitting by myself in front of a computer every single day".

Felix rounds up the confession after three minutes and goes on to play seven minutes of the "Kittycat Jigsaw Puzzle" in silence as "an attempt of an ironic joke that I am still very much profiting off of". The most important thing to take away from Felix's video is that he finally "feels like [he's] back again" and that he's now "enjoying making videos every single day and [he] thinks that shows in [his] content". YAY PEWDIEPIE! 

Do you feel like he's a hypocrite, or just a creator struggling with his "core message"? Let us know in the comments below!


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