PewDiePie vs KSI: The YouTube Drama Everyone's Talking About

18 April 2016, 12:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

New week, new drama.

Heard about the PewDiePie and KSI thing going on? Here's what's happening. Last week, Markiplier uploaded a video talking about the struggles of 'creativity vs popularity' on YouTube, and the way that some creators have developed feelings of elitism in their desire to become more popular on the website. The video kicked up a fuss with multiple YouTubers suddenly diving in front of their webcams to talk about drama, but the conversation become unavoidable when PewDiePie weighed in on the debate.


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Uploaded on the 16th of April, Felix's video addresses the YouTube community's fascination with drama and gossip, saying that viewers had "fallen right in my trap" by clicking on a video entitled 'YouTube Drama'. Pewds speaks very candidly about his thoughts on the drama within his community, saying that "I can't think of anything more stupid to waste your time on, but it seems that the Internet would disagree with me on that one".

In a period of YouTube which sees one of it's most prominent and veteran creators being called out as an alleged sex abuser, Felix points out that current events have "created this mob mentality, where everyone is soooooo on edge and everyone is so ready to attack their next target of someone f*cking up". But it's not just the fans; "Every time, there seems to be more YouTubers getting involved because they know talking about the topic is gonna get them more views and attention", which can be seen by the amount of 'reaction' videos made following Toby Turner's accusations.

By the end of the video, PewDiePie makes an accurate metaphor, saying that "YouTube is becoming this 'drama machine' where everyone is throwing in their two cents to get 20 cents back" as videos about drama seem to attract greater views. Even though his video doesn't target or mention any specific channels, the community got rather ruffled about Pewd's statement, with KSI uploading his response video just one day later...

Rightly so in KSI's video, he starts off by saying that he "rarely ever talks about YouTube... but someone has to say this because no one else will, especially because these guys [Mark + Pewds] are biiiiiig YouTubers". He then jumps straight to the point by saying that he "watched Markiplier's video" and he "watched PewDiePie's video" but was left with one very serious question... "what is the point of this?!".

One of the most important things KSI points out is that in a video discussing the way YouTubers talk about drama for views and money, PewDiePie had monetised his OWN video on the topic and was in turn making money by weighing in; "PewDiePie talked about how YouTubers are jumping on these 'drama topics' because they know it's going to get them more views... but haven't you JUST done that?!". Fair point, to be honest.

By the end of the video, KSI points out that talking about drama creates more drama, and both Mark and Felix's video achieved nothing in the grand scheme of things other than perpetuating a wider conversation. He even points out that PewDiePie wasn't "being a man" by purposefully avoiding the names of any YouTube channels in his video even though the targets were clear to every single person - one of whom KSI names as KeemStar's channel, DramaAlert.

Following KSI's response, PewDiePie fought back with the following tweet:

After this rather tasteless tweet on Felix's behalf, it was time for KeemStar to inevitably swoop in to round-up the drama and present it to the rest of the community in case they missed it. Whilst Keem is known for taking an unbiased approach to reporting the trending topics taking place in YouTube's community, he was very clear to point that PewDiePie was a "f*cking hypocrite" for responding to drama by referring to even more drama (a.k.a bringing Toby into an argument he was having with KSI).

Keem makes reference to a music video that Felix uploaded months ago called 'It's Just A Prank Bro', in which he calls out multiple YouTubers such as Nicole Arbour and FouseyTUBE for perpetuating drama for the sake of popularity, which after uploading caused a whole mess of further drama thanks to his input. Keem makes a very valid point that every time PewDiePie weighs in on drama because he "hates it", it in turn causes more drama, attention and potentially money for his brand; "I find it insulting and hypocritical".

KeemStar's DramaAlert video seems to be the last word on a conversation which has been had over YouTube for many months, so we'll keep our beady eyes peeled to see if this story develops any further. However, if you have any opinions on the topic and the idea of YouTube drama, feel free to drop us a message on Twitter, Facebook or right here in the comment box as we will be unpicking this topic further over the next coming days.

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