Fans Hunted Down PewDiePie’s LA Address... And Are Sharing It Online

10 November 2016, 15:16 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

How does anyone think this is okay?!

In case you're not a big follower of PewDiePie and his brand new vlog series, let us tell you right now, most importantly, it's fantastic. Not only is it an honest look into the life of a YouTuber filming his own TV series and hanging out with his friends, but you also get a peep into the life of one of the most famous people on the planet... including the moments when fans hunt down his address.

Felix has only been in LA for less than two weeks, and has already dealt with a lot of people crossing the line between fan and stalker. A few days ago, Felix shared a story on his vlog that he had met a fan... right outside his newly rented house during his trip to LA. The fan was seen jumping up and down over their wall until Pewds went outside for a photo and to have a serious chat with their mother as to why they thought it was a good idea to show your child that stalking people's private property was a good idea.

In a more recent vlog, day 9 to be precise, Felix goes off on a day trip to film another episode with Marzia and CaptainSparklez. However, once they return from their trip, they find out that someone has entered their property (EVEN THOUGH ALL THE GATES AND DOORS WERE LOCKED), to leave present right outside their front door. This is 10 million levels of creepy.

Regardless what the horrifying gift was (which Felix actually ended up throwing in the bin for being "not funny"), he addresses the camera, stating that he could see people sharing their LA address on Twitter. He discusses how he thinks fans are doing it to be "trolly" or to show that they "have the power", but at the end of the day it's just gross and people need to understand that it's illegal to share someones personal information online - especially if it can be classified under the Harassment Act.


How do you feel about Felix's breach of privacy - was his LA address public or personal information? Let us know in the comments below.