Nobody Is Safe From PewDiePie's Latest Shade Rampage

5 June 2017, 11:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Don't ever tell PewDiePie that he's out of ideas

PewDiePie clapped back at the haters in epic fashion this weekend, calling out what he sees as repetitive content from other YouTubers.

The video came about after several people accused PewDiePie of running out of ideas, to which he responded in a typically level-headed fashion by launching a tirade of shade on every last creator he could think of.


In the super sarcastic video, entitled "I'm out of ideas for this channel...", PewDiePie admits to "running an ideas business... for other YouTubers."

"I have so many ideas that I've been exporting them," he jokes, before taking aim at a number of creators.

3First in the firing line is Jacksfilms, who gets mocked for uploading 300 episodes of reading other people's comments, before Felix turns on Smosh for making "185 episodes of eating food." He even comes for MrBeast and LispyJimmy for their 24-hour fidget spinner marathon (which we thought was pretty impressive, tbh).

Check out the video below:

Click-baiting creators also feel Felix's wrath in the video - particularly Morgz, whose "My Mum Had Sex With Me when I Was 12" video took click baiting to new heights (although "new lows" might be more appropriate in this case).

But amongst all the shade, PewDiePie made a good point about originality.

"I'm really happy with the way that my channel is because it's so spread out," he said. "In one day you can get a video with me yelling some... memes, the other day I'm talking about my favourite manga. I really enjoy the mix of it and it makes it really satisfying and fun for me to do different things I'm really glad I'm not locked into doing one thing.

"If I ran out of ideas I'd be doing the same shit over and over. That's running out of ideas," he concludes.


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