YouTubers Call Out PewDiePie For His Disrespectful Marina Joyce Jokes

26 September 2016, 15:05 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This could be the last straw.

We all know PewDiePie is becoming increasingly more famous for his irreverent and dark sense of humour - in fact, he's playing video games less and less on his channel nowadays. But, whilst we've discussed his Marina Joyce jokes in the past, it looks like other YouTubers have finally come to their senses as Felix recently changed his ENTIRE Twitter profile to a disrespectful parody of the troubled vlogger. It crossed a line.

Whilst the most verbally annoyed was Bertie Gilbert, who told Felix to "leave it or at least encourage people to sympathise/help her", most others were just in total awe of his incredibly public actions. YouTubers such as Evan Edinger, Ethan Klein (h3h3), Roomie and JacksFilms all responded to PewDiePie's new branding with disbelief at this strange attempt of humour.

Even though Felix has long been mocking Marina's channel, mannerisms and speech in his YouTube videos, some found his new Twitter identity to be a step too far. Ethan (even though he may have been joking) stated that he was making a "new rant video" on PewDiePie and his "midlife crisis mess" - a common theory people are having about Felix and his new style of content creation/on-camera breakdown.

Whilst some viewers may not find Felix's new jokes disrespectful at all, and may even see the humour in the situation, it has to be said that PewDiePie is currently pretending to be someone widely feared to have their own issues - and this is without the most popular person on the entire Internet imitating their every move and pointing more attention their way. You can see the reaction from YouTubers below, and we're really keen to see what our readers think about his new profile.

What do you think about PewDiePie and his disrespectful Marina Joyce joke - A step to far or within his rights as a comedian? Let us know in the comments below.