PewDiePie Just Parodied Marina Joyce - But Is It Even Funny?

15 September 2016, 09:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

His new video is set in Bethnal Green.

There's been a long debate when it comes to comedy about what topics are suitable to be parodied, and which ones are far too offensive to even think about. Well, after a discussion we recently had on We The Unicorns about whether all of PewDiePie's jokes about Marina Joyce have gone too far, he's just uploaded another video mocking her dreams to build a temple in Peru - and we're stuck wondering if it's even funny anymore.

In the video, Felix is seen rolling around a local park portraying his new Beast Master 64 character, something which started off as a means to play Pokemon Go. After worshipping at an Peruvian Temple in Bethnal Green - all of which are references to Marina Joyce videos - Pewds is seen "drinking piss" and bleach from a "Marina Straw" (which he thankfully advises you do not do!).

Throughout the video, Felix seems to use Marina as a crux to be weird and stupid. You can see what we mean by clicking play on the video below:

The jokes haven't gone unnoticed by fans of the PewDiePie channel who are sick of seeing problematic creators parodied in his videos; "I think something is wrong with him wtf is going on why is he making such disturbing videos and why is he so desperate for views all of a sudden".

Another viewer compared him to "Filthy Frank", a YouTube character that aims to be "anti-PC, anti-social and anti-couth", whereas some comments are claiming that Felix has simply gone "insane".

In fact, it's got to the point now that Felix is blatantly aware of his "shit content", but is finding a tough balance between it being so bad it's hilarious... and just being actually shit.

But how do YOU feel about his new video - Should Marina Joyce be parodied like this, or does PewDiePie need to calm down a bit? Let us know in the poll.