PewDiePie Just Simultaneously Dragged Keemstar And “THAT” Recent YouTuber Drama

8 August 2016, 13:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

PewDiePie has basically run out of f*cks.

We're becoming increasingly more concerned for PewDiePie. Not only are his videos becoming less professionally edited (which, tbh, is the funniest thing in the world), but he's starting to call out more YouTubers by the day - and his most recent video may have been his most salty one yet. In his brand new drama news show, Felix takes on pretty much every problematic YouTuber you can think of.

The video, which at the time of writing has 2.5 million views in just 20 hours, sees Felix explicitly mock the video stylings of Keemstar and Phillip DeFranco in his newest series, #DramaScoops. In the show, PewDiePie states that he "hates drama but I need to do this... I think this might be my core message" and dives straight into "the latest scoops"... no YouTuber is left unharmed.

Here's the extensive list of all the wigs Felix snatched during the 10.01 video - which is another direct dig at the YouTube watch time/advert manipulation system YouTuber's have been taking advantage of:

(DISCLAIMER: PewDiePie made all of this up)

  • Keemstar is clearly the biggest victim here with his entire YouTube career parodied from start to finish
  • Scarce, another drama reporting YouTuber, confirms he's homosexual and his parents agree
  • ProSyndicate has confirmed that he was the Vice-President of the gambling site, CS:GO Lotto
  • iDubz has come out as gay as well
  • JackSepticEye is lying about having friends in a video titled "See All My Friends"
  • Roman Atwood has a scientific discovery by finding water colder than 0 degrees
  • Roman Atwood also admits that he uses clickbait headline on Skype to Pewds
  • LeafyIsHere officially quits YouTube
  • ComedyShortsGamer has amnesia after calling two games the "best game ever"
  • PewDiePie's dad is gay, and he speaks to Harambe for confirmation
  • FaZeRain murders his roommate in a thumbnail where he is seen with a knife
  • And finally, Felix ends the video on a thumbnail of Sorsha Morava that says "Feminists Are Rapists" as a direct dig to her manipulation of the watch time system - it appears for 2 minutes and 4 seconds straight to help his video go over 10 minutes long

And if you think Felix stopped there, you'd be incorrect because PewDiePie spread his troll all over his channel. Not only was the #DramaScoops video uploaded in 360p instead of its usual 720p60 (a direct dig at Keem), but he also changed his YouTube profile image to that of Marina Joyce. You can see below the way his channel looks now, but we're unsure how we feel about this goof due to recent events involving Marina and her safety.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.37.08

Regardless of the fact Felix is seen wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat, we're always intrigued to see what the PewDiePie channel is up to as every recent video seems to be attacking somebody new! Keep your eyes peeled people, this gaming YouTuber is getting feisty.


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