No Mainstream Media, PewDiePie Isn't Being Deleted Because He's White

6 December 2016, 11:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Honestly, this is just beyond dumb.

So something crazy has been happening in the mainstream media recently. Here's the pattern: Once one media outlet jumps on a story, it suddenly gets rewritten 10 million times on different news publications until the original story has been grossly distorted. This literally just happened (again) with a story about PewDiePie, and how people now genuinely think YouTube wants to delete him because he's "white". It's ridiculous.

First things first, The Independent published an article that insinuated that Felix was was having his channel "killed" because YouTube doesn't want a white YouTuber "on the top". They twist his words by claiming that YouTube "want someone else on top, someone extremely cancerous like Lilly Singh" thus turning it into a race issue without understanding the basic concept of the PewDiePie channel - it's all sarcasm.

If you missed the original video of Felix ranting about deleting his channel at 50 million subscribers, it's right here. Let's see if you can understand the video better than the mainstream media. (We bet you do.)

Now, if you think that was stupid enough, just you wait and see what the LadBible had to say when they joined in the debate. With a headline such as "PewDiePie? More Like PewDieWhine", we couldn't help but absolutely laugh our heads off at the level of idiocy on display from their editorial team. But don't worry, it gets stranger the more you read on.

The entire article demonstrates a further lack of understanding about how the YouTube community are currently reacting to unexplainably losing a large percentage of their viewing statistics: "Is there anything more annoying than some insecure rich guy whining that they're the victim of a conspiracy against them for being white? Sure, a deluded rich, white guy, who also vlogs". Oh wow, how impactful of you LadBible. But you've got it all wrong, so let us break it down for you.


Here's every single reason why these articles by mainstream media outlets are completely wrong:

  1. Felix isn't complaining about being rich. He has said on multiple occasions that he has zero concerns for money and literally makes YouTube videos because he enjoys it.
  2. Felix isn't complaining about being white. His (albeit rather dry) sense of humour is on show here and unfortunately people aren't picking up on it. Felix frequently talking about quitting his channel and how YouTube are messing around with algorithms - his comment about his race being the reason they're trying to reduce his numbers is a joke based on the fact creators aren't getting any other explanation from the company.
  3. Felix isn't quitting YouTube "for good". In the video you all half watched so you could squeeze out just the right clickbait angle you needed for your website, you may have noticed Felix mention that he would delete his channel after reaching 50 million subscribers. If you continued watching the video instead of hurriedly writing up your response, you would have heard that he says he's looking forward to "starting fresh with a new shitty channel"... does that sound like he's gone for good?!
  4. "PewDieWhine" isn't even that funny. It's really not, you could have done way better there.
  5. Felix isn't the only person complaining about views. This isn't a video of "one rich white guy" getting annoyed at his channel. If you had looked even a fraction longer than you had done, you would have noticed hundreds of creators are all repeating the same fears that YouTube has changed the algorithm and it's now affecting their views and subscribers. Don't blame the guy at the top all because you don't know what else is going on.

Okay, so that's about it from us today. We just wanted to get this off our chest. If you want to REALLY know what's happening in the YouTube community, try not to click on awful articles like this. They're not helpful or informative at all. Stay woke kids.