PewDiePie Played This Guy's Indie Game And Changed His Life

22 August 2017, 12:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

PewDiePie Indie Game

By Liam Dryden

There's no denying the massive influence of full-time gaming YouTubers; but until now, there hasn't really been a lot of discussion about how much they affect gaming sales. However, in the indie game industry, the "PewDiePie Effect" is very real; and developers everywhere are cashing in.

pewdiepie indie game

Indie game creators are using YouTubers as their main source of marketing.

A recent investigation from the New York Times revealed that many independent developers, instead of depending heavily on crowdfunding, are instead offering YouTubers like PewDiePie the chance to test their games in "Let's Play" videos.

Ryan Clark, creator of 'Crypt Of The Necrodancer', claims he almost entirely has Pewds to thank for the game taking off. In 2015, Felix posted a gameplay video trying the game out; and his positive review resulted in an immediate rise in sales of $60,000. Since then, with other creators joining in the hype, Clark believes the "PewDiePie effect" resulted in over $100,000 of game sales.

So if you're an aspiring game developer looking to get your creation off the ground, you know who to get in touch with.

Read the full report from NYT here.


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