PewDiePie Just Found The Most Incredible Pokemon Go Hack

28 July 2016, 12:41 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Tired of walking around to hatch Pokemon eggs? PewDiePie has the answer.

We're now into week three of Planet Earth's current addiction to Pokemon Go. With a reported 21 million daily active users at one point, it's fair to say that we're facing a new Pokemon-themed epidemic. But, for all those people already sick and tired of walking about everywhere, PewDiePie has just came up with the perfect hack to catch Pokemon from the comfort of your house.

Using only simple household products such as duct tape, two smartphones, plastic bags, sophisticated computer programming and a drone, PewDiePie was able to launch his version of Pokemon Go hundreds of feet into the air to catch Pokemon without leaving his desk chair. Why does he do this? Well, there's two reasons; "my legs hurt" and "this is how Nintendo envisioned this game to be played", clearly.

In the video, we can see Felix try numerous methods to launch his phone into the air by finding ways around the incredibly sensitive touch screen element of his Samsung S7. After a plastic bag and cardboard do not prove effective, he opts for another phone that fits snugly inside a small box. This is then taped to the bottom of the drone and whoosh, it's sent into space.

Back inside his flat, Pewds is able to press buttons and swipe Pokeballs at a wild Drowzee using his computer monitor and mouse - hence the magic of this amazing hack. After catching just one Pokemon, Felix decides enough is enough and calls the drone back to his flat, but urges viewers to try out his experiment "if you have more experience with drones, you could totally pull this off, especially if you want to hatch eggs".


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