PewDiePie Just Quit YouTube And Vlogging... For A Week

16 November 2016, 11:22 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Say goodbye to Birdabo!

Following on from his incredibly distressing tweet earlier on in the week, Felix has finally announced what his "not good news" is... he has quit uploading Birdabo vlogs and will not be posting any YouTube content for over a week. Now, this might not sound like a big thing, but for a teary eyed PewDiePie, saying goodbye to a vlog series he loved so much seemed to strike a very emotional chord for him.

Filmed inside the ugly, square rentable car he got for Marzia, Felix reveals that his LA Vlog series "Birdabo" would be stopping after it started to affect him and "other people around" him. He felt that he constantly "felt forced to do all these fun things" and create interesting videos, in addition to feeling the stress of filming/editing vlogs alongside filming his TV show and working on Revelmode stuff... it all became too much to handle.

You can see Felix's emotional video below:

Talking about why the vlogs became too much to handle, PewDiePie goes into detail about the way he prioritises his life as a YouTube creator; "I've always put YouTube first. Always. Even if I'm working on other projects... The videos come first. That's my main thing. But I can't do that while I'm here... Keeping the vlogs up are impossible at this point". He goes on to thank his fans for supporting the series, before choking back tears and giving a final Birdabo brofist.

The second half of the video is dedicated to playing the Birdabo outro music in its entirety whilst Felix, Brad and Michael are seen burning their iconic Swedish t-shirts. The whole scene is incredibly beautiful and acts as a poignant reminder that YouTube content creators are more than the five minute videos we see on their channels. They have lives and people behind the scenes that they love, and sometimes pushing themselves to create the best content they can will deeply affect their daily life in ways we can't imagine.

We're sending Felix all our support following the quit of his YouTube channel for a week and we want to reminder everyone that you should always put yourself first... so take as much time as you need PewDiePie!