PewDiePie Faces Huge Backlash After Using The N-Word In Gaming Livestream

11 September 2017, 09:42 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42


By Josh Lee

PewDiePie has been caught using the N-word during a gaming livestream.

The 27-year-old, who is the highest paid YouTuber ever, shouted "you're such a fucking n****r" while streaming Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

Shortly afterwards he says, "sometimes I forget I'm live streaming." His c0-host appears to attempt to defend him, saying "You have a strange filter, and I feel like it must be because you're foreign. So your brain goes through two check points before... that's the only thing I can think of."

"Let's go with that," PewDiePie responds.


This isn't PewDiePie's first race row of 2017

In February, Disney cut ties with the YouTuber after he released videos containing Nazi references and anti-semetic imagery. One of his most offensive stunts involved playing two Indian people through a crowd-sourcing website to hold up a sign reading "Death to all Jews."

A number of high-profile YouTubers have criticised PewDiePie's use of the N-word

KSI wrote, "I would like to see you get out of this one PewDiePie. In before all his deluded fans say he didn't say "n****r" on stream today." Smosh Games' FLitz tweeted, "need some American history lessons on subjugation and word origins?"

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