PewDiePie Just Roasted The Living Sh*t Out Of A Vegan YouTuber

28 July 2016, 11:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Prepare yourself for this freaking BBQ.

As the person on We The Unicorns who writes almost constantly about all that vegan YouTube drama, I've found myself pretty invested into their community and specific personalities. On the flip side, my favourite YouTuber at the moment is PewDiePie - so imagine my shock when I saw the biggest YouTuber in the world take on quite possibly the worst vegan of all time, Sorsha Morava.

You see, Sorsha posted a video nearly a year ago in which she tries to answer "Why PewDiePie Is The DUMBEST YouTuber", a topic which she clearly knows very little about. Instead, she bases her entire argument on the fact that Felix is not vegan and could "have a meaningful message" if he stopped "playing video games" and started to "influence people to stop exploiting, torturing, raping and slaughtering innocent beings for food". Yup, she said that.

To be honest, PewDiePie does the best job of roasting her so instead of going into a massive breakdown of everything Felix said about Sorsha, we're just going to post his dramatic monologue all in one long chunk so you can see for yourselves how savage he was. You can see his takedown above, and Sorsha's original video below.

“My name is Sorsha and I have… nothing to define me as a human being. I have no actual personality. Or, anything that makes me stand out from the crowd, and I can’t stand that fact about myself so I’ve decided to label, label myself as something in an attempt to make me feel more valued. And, to make me feel superior over other people, I am telling them what a piece of f*cking sh*t they are for not being up here with me, the superior being who has levitated towards a higher being, and I F*CKING HATE THE WORLD.”

The most savage takedown Felix does actually involves Sorsha's blatant manipulating of the new "watch time thing" - a system in which YouTubers get double the ad revenue if their video is over 10 minutes long. By clicking through to the end of her video, Felix sees that "her video ends at 7:41, but she wanted to get it more than 10 minutes" by just putting a still image of her thumbnail for nearly 5 minutes... which is literally obscene.

PewDiePie concludes by taking quite a serious look at vegan YouTubers in general and the bad name they're generating for themselves thanks to personalities such as Sorsha and Freelee; “This is, like, why no one will take vegans seriously, 'cause one bath shit crazy person comes out and says stuff like this, and everyone else just gets discredited”. Sorsha's uneducated attack totally ignores all of Felix's charity work and other achievements away from playing video games, and is really just her "telling me that I'm not a vegan and that I'm a piece of sh*t".

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