PewDiePie Addresses The Ad Scandal In New Video

14 July 2016, 10:47 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Felix is trying to get some closure from this whole disclosure mess.

Earlier on in the week, we reported on a case that highlighted how both YouTubers and a popular video game publisher were involved in a bad situation with the Federal Trade Commission. After news came to light that certain YouTubers had been paid to promote the video game, Shadows of Mordor, with no need to disclose their deal, the mainstream media went into a scandal overdrive with their primary target being PewDiePie. However, in a new vlog, Felix opens up about how "disappointed" he is in everybody.

Felix starts off by showing how deep his Twitter was into the ad drama; "People are saying 'PewDiePie took corporate money to NOT disclose game reviews #shame". He even takes the time to pinpoint "The Verge, Variety, Polygon, Recode and Mashable" as websites that used his name and image to clickbait an article about YouTube misbehaviour... even though he clearly points out that he 100% disclosed his original video.

Felix goes back to his old Shadow of Mordor video, and whilst he admits that he could have disclosed his deal with the publishing company better, it was made clear from day one and he did not break any laws. Furthermore, thanks to a fan on Twitter jumping to defend his honour, Pewds reminds his viewers and news outlets that the video was posted in 2014, 1 year before the FTC enforced new rules about the clarity and legality of paid promotions. Therefore, he did absolutely nothing wrong.

More so than having to clear his name from the ad disclosure mess, Felix's video seems more concerned with calling out news organisations for their constant clickbaiting; "All these news articles are using me as clickbait, putting my name to shame when I didn't even do anything wrong". He finishes up by saying that he will not be making an official statement to the companies who contacted him as he has "an audience" and "doesn't fucking need you".

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