PewDiePie Just Flew To The USA For A Rare TV Appearance

9 February 2016, 15:55 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Is the gamer coming out of his shell this year?!

Whilst we seem to be announcing and celebrating a new YouTube/TV crossover every day of the week, it's very rare that the Internet celebrity we talk about is PewDiePie. But, after his recent smash on the Colbert Show as well as having an interesting chat with Katie Couric, it was inevitable that Felix would come head to head with the Clueless Gamer himself, Mr Conan O'Brian.

Pewds was on the show to discuss his upcoming YouTube Red series, Scare PewDiePie, which is premiering on the subscription-based network on the 10th of February. Conan asks about his experience filming a show about experiencing real-life horror games, "I was paranoid for a month and I'm so glad it's over". Which, if you remember from his LA vlogs, could not be more true.


As well as the web series, Felix shared memories of the time he broke the news to his parents about quitting his education in order to play video games for a living on the internet - something that Conan simply could not understand. “They were thrilled, all the way support. Obviously it was a bit of a weird step but once my parents saw how happy the fans are and how much it means to so many people, they totally got it”.

Pewds also discusses the intensity of some of his fans when they get to meet their YouTube idol for real, but also how humbling it can be because mixed amongst the same crowd are people who have zero idea about who or what is having an effect on them. He then addresses the misconception that he is actually any good at playing video games, “People assume I’m good at games because I do it for a living. But no I'm awful. It’s all about having fun”.


Conan wrapped up the interview by announcing a special collaboration between PewDiePie and himself on his personal gaming channel, Clueless Gamer. The channel spotlights Conan as the terrible and truly clueless gamer he is by making him play and review a selection of popular video games - very badly. Keep your eyes glued to the channel as PewDiePie will be making a guest appearance on it soon with them both playing the hotly anticipated, FarCry Primal.

If you've never seen one of Conan's hilariously painful gaming videos, then start your new life now with the video below in which he tries to play the classic horror shooter, DOOM.

If you want to watch the clips from Felix's guest appearance on The Conan O'Brian Show, follow THIS link to see what happened when PewDiePie talks about his Plan B for YouTube content - unboxing children's toys!