PewDiePie Just Called Out YouTube's HUGE Clickbait Problem

28 June 2016, 16:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice


PewDiePie has unleashed the craziest of rants upon the internet, and it's guaranteed to leave your shoes filled with lol-ee. It's all about clickbaiting on YouTube, and how much he hates it. Using examples from Luke Cutforth, SMOSH, KSI and...himself, Pewds proceeds to spoil a selection of videos with blatant clickbait titles - mostly along the lines of "MY NEW GIRLFRIEND?!", "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS" and "MY FRIEND DIED".



Other clickbait signs include thumbnails picturing someone bleeding (it's make-up) and hinting at huge life changes that turn out to be suitably vague when you click on them. Oh, and pretty much anything in all caps or featuring a question mark. Or boobs. PewDiePie's most hated clickbait, though, seems to lie in any video claiming they've found "the cringiest thing ever". There are literally thousands of them.

PewDiePie also ranted that the whole clickbait culture on YouTube is unfair, and that it's a "big problem on YouTube".

He says, "It's plagued YouTube for years, but we still click on them. Stop clicking on them. I have to clickbait just to stay relevant." The whole thing is punctured by straight-faced jokes and and streams of shouting, as per his usual style.

This isn't the only rant PewDiePie has delivered in the last few days. He recently published a video blasting people who were flagging his videos for containing inappropriate images and language. In between asking viewers to stop flagging his material, he calls his fan base "a bunch of p*ssies. I'm sick and tired of this fucking shit". The slurs were of course delivered as a joke, although he has a valid point. He's made a name for himself by being comedic, potty-mouthed and a little bit shocking. If viewers flag his videos, he doesn't receive advertising revenue for them as they'll be deleted.

In conclusion, we've taken two things away from this week's PewDiePie rants:

  1. Stop flagging videos.
  2. Stop clickbaiting.

You got that?