The Phandom Single-Handedly Got 6 Things Trending This Weekend

8 August 2016, 10:30 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Y'all were LIVING this weekend.

It's no surprise to fans of the YouTube community that certain fandoms are crazier than everyone else combined. The Bro Army can raise millions of dollars for charity, and Zoella's fans rush to defend her whenever the mainstream media decide to slut-shamed her Snapchat underwear - but where do the Phandom fit in? Well, they just managed to get six of the strangest hashtags trending worldwide.

Whilst Dan and Phil were in Hong Kong and wrapped up all snug in their beds, their biggest fans went on a riot and absolutely ravaged the Twitter top trending lists with six totally nonsensical but hilarious trends about their faves. From Harambe to church, we're about to update you on everything you may have missed over the weekend.


#DanHowellIsOverParty - After much research, it looks like no one has a clue why this trend was started, unless they all got over excited about the prospect of designing book covers for Dan And Phil Go Outside (#DAPGO). Most of the Phandom thrashing about inside this part of the Internet were asking multiple times about why it was even a thing and laughing at how Dan would react once he came online and saw what they were up to.


#PhilLesterOurSaviourAfterParty - Unlike Dan Howell being officially over in everybody's eyes, the other half of the phandom were all celebrating Phil Lester for being their saviour. Most of this trend featured thousands upon thousands of pictures of Phil looking like a cinnamon roll and begging for answers as to why it was trending, but after a while we all stopped caring and went with the flow. He is our Saviour after all.


#ParentPhan - After Phan's had finished praising their idols and launching a planet-wide trend about how they're either over or a personal Saviour... things started getting a bit weird. You see, as a large portion of Dan and Phil fans are deeply invested in fan fiction, a Parent!Phan group chat started the idea of #ParentPhan. This, naturally, was a breakthrough moment for the Phandom which led onto the following trending hashtag...


#PhandomIsGoingToJailParty - Yup. Earlier in the month the Clique were going to jail for releasing, downloading and listening to the leaked version of Heathens by Twenty One Pilots. So when Phans started tweeting about #ParentPhan and their future love affair/child, they then quickly all decided they were going to jail for their crimes. A large majority of them agreed with their fate, but the other half felt like they far deserved better than jail...


#PhandomGoesToChurchParty - ... and instead decided that they were going to church instead. Mostly using the Sister Dan meme, the Phandom went crazy after Dan liked and unliked a tweet about #ParentPhan. Thinking that they were too pure for jail, instead this trend appeared to try and rid their timelines from sin. We have no idea if they'll be saved.


#HowellForHarambe - Lastly, this one started trending. Based on the new meme #dicksoutforharambe, the Phandom were now HOWLING (HOWELL-ING?!) for Harambe, the gorilla that was shot after a child fell into it's enclosure, in a new dank way to support the dead ape. As the weirdest trend the Phandom could ever come up with, most of the people in this hashtag seem over the goddamn moon that this even made it to the top trending list.


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