New Beauty Video Shows The Shocking Side Of Child Abuse

27 April 2016, 13:58 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Tissues at the ready, these videos are SHOCKING.

By now, we're all familiar with the traditional beauty vlog. Despite YouTube existing for almost a decade, the format of a beauty tutorial hasn't changed much and some of the earliest stars such as Michelle Phan now have their own multi-million pound beauty empires. And, you know, without YouTube we wouldn't know how to blend eyeshadow, contour our cheeks or fishtail braid our hair.

But a charity has recently taken on the notion of the beauty tutorial and turned it into something so powerful that we were left in absolute shock. We've all giggled as a younger member of our family has pretended to film a Zoella-esque tutorial complete with posing for the camera. But what if the ending wasn't just a finished make-up look and a bit of fun? Charity Plan International have taken this concept to show the harrowing truth that millions of young girls face around the globe today.

There are two videos as part of the "Give Girls A Better Future" campaign. The Finland-based charity aims to bring awareness to the conditions young girls face behind closed doors- most likely in your city, town and county.

The first video shows a young child applying blush and giving viewers her top tips on how to get shiny lips using lipgloss. Pottering around in the background is a mother figure, who brushes the child's hair... We'll let you watch the video to see the ending.


The second video shows another young girl, this time showcasing how she applies mascara and how she uses powder to make sure her skin looks smooth. Like the above, the ending is haunting and sends home a chilling message.


If the videos have made as much an impact on you as they have us, we'd encourage you to source a charity within your country that campaigns for the rights of children across the globe. Plan International, the charity behind the video, have an extensive and informative website dedicated to ending child exploitation.