YouTubers Addicted To New Sim Game... About YouTubers?!

24 May 2016, 13:53 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This level of inception is making me cry.

We spoke about a game last week in which you, the wonderful folks at home, could become a YouTuber. As predicted, you all went NUTS for it and when it was released on the 18th of May 2016, it quickly appeared in the top ten best-sellers list on the digital download platform Steam over the weekend. But now the best thing in the world has happened as the biggest YouTubers in the world have begun to play it...

The game, YouTubers Life has taken over YouTube itself. YouTubers are now playing a game about getting famous on YouTube by playing video games and posting them to YouTube in order to gain more YouTube subscribers to their YouTube channel. Did I mention the game is about YouTube?! As you can expect, this crazy level of meta-humour has kickstarted a brand new trend of big name YouTubers trying to recreate their success in a simple tycoon game - but can they do it?

The game may still be in Early Access and suffer a couple problems here and there, but overall the end product seems totally addictive. In fact, YouTubers are responding so positively to the game that it's subtly become a tutorial on how to actually become a gaming YouTuber. For example, we've learnt from watching all these Let's Plays the three following golden rules:

  • Always upgrade your audio recording equipment first - this is more important than the games themselves
  • When you start a new gaming series, ALWAYS finish it
  • Become a master of clever clickbait titles, especially in the game!

We've conducted a simple WIN or LOSE test for the YouTubers below... can they become popular gaming icons in YouTubers Life or will their career stumble and fall? Let's find out together - place your bets now!


Can AliA become a famous YouTuber? No, he's way too tired and can't edit videos at all.


Can DanTDM become a famous YouTuber? No, he's too busy shining shoes to care for his 1000 subscribers.


Can Luke Cutforth become a famous YouTuber? No, and he can't keep his girlfriend Elizabeth happy either.


Can iHasCupquake become a famous YouTuber? No, she doesn't play enough and loses subscribers pretty quickly.


Can Vikkstar123 become a famous YouTuber? Nearly, he's VERY good at clickbait titles so he's got potential.


Can PewDiePie become a famous YouTuber? No, he also quits his own YouTube channel, pisses off his mom and takes his top off.