Playlist Live Just Announced A Whole Host Of Guest Stars

18 February 2016, 16:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Have you ordered your tickets yet?

Since we last revealed the newest wave of YouTubers and Viners heading to Playlist Live Orlando in April, about a million more names have been released. So, we think it's time to do some catching up. Are you ready for this?

The announcements came in two waves. Announced only days after our last article, the first one load of stars heading to Playlist Live is going to be: DailyBumps, ElloSteph, Andrew Lowe, EleventhGorgeous, Carrie Rad, AlphaCat, Sprinkle of Glitter AND Marcus Butler. Whoa, and it doesn't stop there.

Playlist live

If you're still looking for more reasons to buy a ticket to one of the greatest conventions of all time, then we have exactly five more very specific reasons just for you: Nick Pitera, Hayley Wi11iams, Allie Wes, Jack Baran and Lauren Elizabeth will all be attending Playlist Live as well! Don't worry, now you're all hyped up and excited, here's a conveniently placed link to help you fuel your energy into buying a ticket to the best show on Earth.

There will be far more announcements as we creep closer and closer to the opening day in Orlando on the 22nd of April, so we will keep you updated as and when new performers are announced. But until then, watch this gorgeous recap video from Playlist Live's official YouTube channel and feel your skin go all goosebumpy at the sheer magic that happens!

This years convention will be the 5th edition since it started way back in 2011. And with 50 performers confirmed as 'attending' so far with over 60 days to go, this is shaping up to be the best year ever! Will you be buying a ticket to Playlist Live? Let us know and we can get all excited together!