The Tweets You NEED To See From #PlaylistLive

25 April 2016, 11:22 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

We have the WHOLE low down from this weekend.

Playlist Live, AKA the best place to meet your Internet faves IRL, saw the majority of the Vlogging World head to Orlando for one HUGE meet up. The three day event (22nd April-24th April) pretty much kick started the beginning of the YouTube convention season with some of the biggest names turning up to meet-up's, panels and live shows for their subscribers. Naturally, all of our social media feeds were filled with the action but we're here to round up the BEST tweets from the weekend for your lovely viewing eyes.

The Events

Playlist is known for its stage events, whether YouTubers are talking on panels or fronting their own stage shows, there's always something interactive going on. This weekend saw the likes of Emma Blackery talking on a panel about mental health, Dan and Phil holding their first USA #TATINOF show and SO much more...

The Meet-ups 

The best part of any YouTube convention is ofc meeting our faves and it seems as though all of these Internet stars were nothing but excited to see their fans and why wouldn't they be? They weren't just meeting people at the meet-ups though, of course they were bumping into subscribers all weekend; Dodie Clark even made some new friends to go swimming with- #Goals. 


The Selfies

These guys really know what they're doing, I mean, why would you waste any opportunity for a selfie when you're in sunny Orlando? These fire selfies are literally giving us #SquadGoals even though that face swap with Evan and Louis may have given us nightmares...

But where was Zoella?

After seeing Malfie jetting off to Orlando for the weekend, Zalfie fans were wondering where Zoe was - and why she wasn't on the plane with them. A sympathetic fan on Twitter suggested that it may have been her anxiety but Zoe was quick to respond saying it wasn't that and she just didn't want to go. Fingers crossed to see Zoella at Playlist next time!