Why Are Men "Degrading" Themselves On Camera For This YouTuber?

26 October 2016, 17:05 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

A Runescape player known as "Poison Ivy" has been accused of preying on and blackmailing men into sharing submissive and humiliating videos.

The internet is currently up in arms, after reports that an internet personality has been targeting and humiliating mentally vulnerable men. 17 year-old Hanna, otherwise known as "Poison Ivy", is being accused of preying on "lonely" and "unstable" players on MMORPG Runescape; and then blackmailing them into posting humiliating videos.

poison ivy

YouTube user MarsRPG posted a video on Tuesday titled "Exposing Hanna/Poison Ivy - Please stop this abuse". He details accounts of "despicable acts" that men have done live on camera for Hanna; who he claims has the "ultimate end goal to make them kill themselves, as an act of love".

Please be advised this video contains content of a sensitive/distressing nature.

The video includes footage of Hanna encouraging one of her "boyfriends" to shave off all his hair and eyebrows, under the opinion it will "look hot". Once he finishes and asks if she likes it, she responds with "Do you want me to be honest? No."

Reports of similar videos where men are hitting their genitalia with a shoe, or inserting objects in their anus, or writing Hanna's name over their entire body have encouraged other members of the Runescape community and general internet to react; before things had the chance to escalate to a more severe level.

Hanna's Twitter, before being suspended, was full of questionable rhetoric and references to suicide. She also described herself as "bully[ing] the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger".

poison ivy