Fans defend streamer after she is attacked for not wearing makeup on Twitch

30 October 2018, 15:20

pokimane no makeup twitch
Picture: Twitter: Pokimane
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Pokimane stood her ground after some viewers lashed out

Streamer Pokimane caused a small stir on Twitch this week when she decided to take a break from games and teach her viewers a little something about the realities of life.

She sat down and did a stream in which she walked her followers through the process of putting on her makeup, partly to highlight to some of her more naive viewers that makeup requires time and effort to apply - and that people who wear makeup don't look like that all the time (and hey, that's fine!)

This being the Internet, the Worst Place, some people naturally reacted very poorly to Pokimane's barefaced appearance, slinging a variety of nasty insults at her, which we feel no need to repeat.

Happily, the streamer, real name Imane Anys was not fazed, tweeting:

"man am I lucky to have real friends who love me for who I am ☺️❤️ I’m at peace with myself, my body & my imperfections - and I wish the same someday for anyone who feels the need to hate on someone else for such shallow reasons."

She was also supported by fans and fellow streamers alike

I guess the moral of the story here is, as always, don't be a dick.