YouTuber kisses mum for a prank after kissing his sister in previous video

17 May 2019, 13:23

prank invasion kissing my actual mom prank
Picture: YouTube: Prank Invasion
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

YouTuber who kissed his sister for a 'prank' posts new video kissing his mum

Prank Invasion, the controversial YouTuber who disgusted the Internet when he posted a video called 'Kissing sister prank', in which he graphically kissed his supposed real sister, is back again with another weird video.

After cutting his teeth on the 'making out with family members' genre of video content, Prank Invasion though he would take a different direction this time - by making out with his mother. Jeez.

The video is called "KISSING MY ACTUAL MOM PRANK!"... and yeah... it pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, although the kissing is a lot more reserved than the kiss with his sister. Rather than locking lips for an uncomfortable amount of time, as before, this time ol' Prank Invasion only pecks his mother on the lips - which we really think is for the best.

The video has gone exactly as well as his last familial kissing prank did - with the video sitting on a meaty 32,000 dislikes (at the time of writing), compared to a paltry 7,000 likes.

In the video description, Prank Invasion, real name Chris Monroe, starts by flashing up examples of all the news coverage he got for his 'kissing sister prank' including this very website (guess we're part of the problem now... dammit) and thereby makes it very clear exactly why he's doing all these horrible videos - views, baby!! Sweet, sweet views!! At any cost!!

Reaction online to the video has been, shockingly, not that positive, with many people taking to Twitter to express their disgust.

This seems like as a good a time as any to once again point out that this isn't a prank and that this isn't how pranks work. We even discussed this in our segment 'That's Not How Pranks Work' on our show YouTuber News, when we discussed the original kissing sister prank: